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                                                                               Winner List

Winners Please e-mail me you address to avon.twillette@gmail.com you will have 48 hrs to claim your prize :)


Jessibeth Vicenty  Rusk Freee Spray 10/29/14

Holly Edwards Hand Carved Wooden Spoons 10/25/14 claimed

Brandie Hayden Anavita wrinkle cream 10/20/14claimed

Sherri Kidwell  GW Green Cleaner 10/15/14claimed

Austin Baroudi Toasting flutes 10/6/14 Claimed

Robin Wilson Blue Green Algae Toner 10/02/14 Claimed

Amy Tolley Prk Bottle organizer 9/23/14 claimed

Jill Kecseg squeasy snacker 9/20/14 claimed

Vicki Marks Allbright Squeasy snacker 9/20/14 claimed

Petra Jimenes squeasy snacker 9/20/14 claimed

LaTanya Thornhill Garden of life 9/20/14 claimed

Jodie Rector Havey Prince Hello 9/18/14 Claimed

Julie Wood harvey Prince Hello 9/18/14 claimed

Cynthia Dingwell Harvey Prince Hello 9/18/14 Claimed

Meena Roe Hrvey Prince Hello 9/18/14  Claimed

Alexia Harvours Harvey Prince Hello 9/18/14 Claimed

Barbara Riffe Honolulu Jewlery Turtle Necklace 9/17/14 claimed

Petra Jimenes Sabastian Optimum Vitamin d year supply 9/13/14 claimed

Perta Jimenes Sabastian Vizeri shampoo and conditioner winner 9/13/14 claimed

 Melanie Soudani Faucet Face Reusable Bottle 9/9/14 claimed

Petra Jimenes Sabastian TruSol Syrup 9/3/14 claimed

LaTanya Thornhill Fun Bites 8/29/14 Claimed

Tessa Smith Trio for blondes 8/20/14  claimed

Fiona N simply 7 snack squad 8/20/14 claimed

Jenny Smith Dial soap coupon 8/20/14   claimed

Karen Albert Winslow dial soap coupon 8/17/14 claimed

Petra Jimenes Sabastian Indie hair spray 7/25/14 claimed

Julie Engle Azure vitamin c serum  7/25/14 claimed

Petra Jimenez Sabastian trail size shapo/cond 7/20/14 claimed

Tiffany Green Elliott Igozen 7/19/14 claimed

Vickie Marks Dimples BBQ sauce 7/12/14 claimed

Jill Kecseg Bo Po nail polish 7/7/14 claimed

Julie Wood Sun cups  7/6/14 claimed

Tenley Erickson  Darcus Tori Earings 6/30/14 claimed

Vickie Marks Pro compression socks 6/30/14 claimed

Perta Jimenez Bikini soft 6/18/14  claimed

Roe Clark Bikini Soft 6/18/14  claimed

Meena Rao Bikini soft 6/18/14  claimed

Sherri Kidwell Bikini soft 6/18/14 claimed

Taleah Hinnman Bikini soft 6/18/14 claimed

Cheryl Booth Rogers sparkly soal head band 5/29/14 claimed

Stephanie Lippy Soi Candle 5/22/14 claimed

neelam rajaharia purex dryer sheet coupon 5/20/14 claimed

Vickie Marks Jojoba oil  5/19/14  claimed

Veronica Valdez Big finish volume spray 5/16/14 claimed

Petra Jimenez KMS hair stay 5/13/14 claimed

Ann Drury Mighty leaf tea 4/30/14 claimed

lisa maynard Purex  No sort 4/22/14 claimed

AnnDrury Hatchem Eggs 4/14/14 claimed

Neko Sam who tagged Laura Groff 2 hand made soaps each 4/7/14 Claimed

Stephanie Lippy Purex coupon 4/6/14 claimed

Tiffany Elliot Purex coupon 4/6/14 claimed

Meena Rao Natures sleep slippers 4/5/14 claimed

Tiffany Elliott Dial body wash 3/3/14 Claimed

Tasha Schmidt Kong dog toy 3/3/14 Claimed

Meena Rao Bodifresh 2/24/14 Claimed

Sherri Kidwell Bodifreah 2/24/14 Claimed

Petra Jadan Jimenez Bodifresh 2/24/14 Claimed

Martin Yiva Naturals 2/13/14 claimed

Kayla Coleman Bum wipes 1/21/14 claimed

Vikki Poirier avon prize 1/17/14 claimed

Nancy Wray Habe Naturals Cream 1/12/14 claimed

Becky Kennon Zappo dream mask 1/7/14 claimed

Meena Rao Sinply 7 snacks 12/18/13 claimed

Ann Marie Drury Hatchems Giveaway 12/18/13 claimed

Jovanna Indhira Guzman Dume Jolly Time Popcorn 12/18/13

Cassandra Kelton Outlet covers 12/8/13

Cassandra Kelton  Gel Mask 12/8/13

Nichole Adkins-Bentley Flirt Perfume 11/23/13 Claimed

Meena Rao Flirt Perfume 11/23/13 Claimed

Brandi Price Flirt Perfume 11/23/13 Claimed

Patricia Blair Alner Zymbol pendent 11/23/13 Claimed

Ann Marie Drury Avon Prize pack 11/25/13 Claimed

Rachel Buiten Rohde Piczzle puzzle   11/17/13 Claimed

Irene Capron Ageless derma Skin Brightner 10/23/13 claimed

Tara Pittman Wholly Guacamole 10/23/13 claimed

Trisha Thompson Purex Coupon 10/14/13 claimed

Kayci Stanley Love cooking Giveaway Mini Muffin pan 10/13/13 claimed

Kimmie Kim Love cooking giveaway Cool and bake pan 10/13/13 Clamied

Mindy Uzailko-cole Natu haircare 10/2/13 claimed

Tiffany Elliott Avon Facebook 9/13/13 claimed

Kayla Martinez Avon Facebook 9/13/13 claimed

Linda Bradshaw Newmans Organic 9/9/13 Claimed

William Saylor Lullaby Light Cube 8/22/13 Claimed

Missy Perez Mighty Leaf Tea 8/20/13 claimed

Kayla Martinez Avon prize pack 8/20/13 claimed

Megan Fisher Avon prize pack 8/20/13

Vickie Marks Allbright Pajama Shoppe Winner 8/12/13

Susan VanHoose  Simple cups 8/5/13 cliamed

Christy Milner Cunningham PB Crave 7/29/13 Claimed

Nancy Wray Avon flash giveaway 7/23/13 claimed

Vivien Lee blue juppy baby walker 7/21/13 claimed

Trista Mentz Johns Hair color chalk 6/15/13 claimed

Kelley Hooker Avon nail art 6/7/13 claimed

Angel Wolf Star Clucster Necklace 6/3/13 claimed

Elizabeth Kasson star cluster necklace 6/3/13 claimed

Ann Drury fan of the week 5/27/13 claimed

UGLEE pen winner Julie Wood 5/26/13 claimed

Mountain Green Lauren Haws 5/26/13 claimed

Kristen Campbell Miles Red week winner 5/14/13 claimed

kristin Bensch Recipe of the week 5/12/13 claimed

Ann Drury Commenter of the week 5/12/13 claimed

Stephanie Lippy Fan of the week 5/12/13 claimed

Manda Marie Avon bug guard 5/3/13 claimed

Ann Marie Drury Kopali Chocolate 4/30/13 claimed

Stephanie Lippy avon lotion pack 4/25/13 claimed


Vlad Novet Unique Natural Products 4/24/13Claimed

Mommas Bacon Suppori Baby Sling 4/23/13 Claimed

Liz Lew  Nuby Bottle warmer Giveaway 4/19/13 Claimed

Lucy Lopez Mommy Bear Giveaway 4/19/13 Claimed

Beth Grant Tropical Traditions Giveaway 4/3/13 Claimed

Vena Silverstein Potty Coner Giveaway 3/29/13 claimed

Natalie Nunez Easter contest Avon Prize pack 3/29/13 Too see entries click here claimed

Ann Marie Drury Bows and Ties 3/20/13 claimed

Nancy Wray abundance soap 3/20/13 claimed

Tiffany Greene Elliott Avon Package 3/10/13 claimed

Immaculate Copeland Nunaat Curly Hair 2/22/13 Claimed

Stacy Brown Kivelli Minki Blanket 2/22/13 Claimed

Michelle Michaud Snug As A Bug 1/15/13 claimed

Debbie Gibson Zoobies Giveaway 1/15/13 claimed

Dree Getz  Flings pop Up Bins 1/14/13 claimed

Debbie Laliberte Flings Pop Up Bins 1/14/13 Claimed

Sylvia Hepner Wax Rose Giveaway 1/7/13 claimed

Natalie Nunez Avon Lotion 1/4/13 claimed

Christine M Tubbytelly glow bug Diaper 1/4/13 claimed

Elizebeth Kasson  avon gift pack 1/4/13 claimed

Samantha Miller Endless Necklace 2/1/13 claimed

Tracy Gnann  Glass Straw Giveaway 1/29/13 Claimed

Brandy Williams Happy Family Winner 1/29/13 claimed

Chevy Reid Roper Sticker Hub 1/29/13 Claimed

barbara dunaway Vitamins Baby 1/29/13 Claimed

Debbie Lambert $5 Kroger Gift Card 1/27/13 claimed

Sherri Kidwell $5 Kroger Gift Card 1/27/13 claimed

Tiffany Elliot $5 Kroger Gift Card 1/27/13 Claimed

Jeanie Ready Noxicare 1/27/12  Claimed

Casey Retherford Spa Shower Spray 1/24/13 Claimed

Angie Ukena Baby Bee Haven 1/22/13 claimed

Jessica Crose Noxicare 1/22/13  Claimed

RellAnn Brush And Comb Set 1/21/13 claimed

Abby Kraynick Sovko Nail Polish 1/15/13 claimed

Heather Pfingsten Genics Eye Cream 1/11/13 claimed

Ana Real-Blanco Ateevia Botanica 1/9/13 claimed

Karen Enlish Avon Prize Pack 1/8/13 claimed

Debbie Gibson Avon Giveaway 1/6/13 Claimed

Kristy Rock In green Giveaway 1/6/12 Claimed

Pamela Warren Over dorr shoe orgnizer 1/5/12 Claimed

Marianne Sandling Juppy Baby Walker 1/2/13 claimed

Cathy Knox Skin So Soft Oil 1/1/13 claimed

Kristy Axe Gift Set 12/31/12  Claimed

Debbie Laliberte Avon Firm Bundle 12/31/12   Claimed

Nancy Wray Body Wash 12/31/12      Claimed

Kristy SchleitWiler Body Wash 12/31/12  Claimed

Melissa Menza Body Wash 12/31/12 Claimed

Stephanie Lippy Body Wash 12/31/12   Claimed

Megan Cravens Pom Grape Vitiamin Squeeze 12/31/12  Claimed 

Nichol Tone Shower Spa Spray 12/27/12 Claimed

Angela Reed Shower Spa Spray 12/27/12 Claimed

Vickie Marks Allbright Shower Spa Spray 12/27/12 Claimed

Neelam Rajaharia Shower Spa Spray 12/27/12 claimed

Melissa Maxwell  Axe Body 12/23/12 Claimed

Tiffany Greene Elliott Boogie Wipes Winner 12/16/12 claimed

Katie Prosser Fenters Wow Wee Sauce Winner 12/16/12 claimed

Jenn  Bare Fruit Giveaway 12/11/12  claimed

Tiffany Faulk Flash Giveaway 2 mini avon lotions 12/5/12  claimed







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